CSI “Tressed to Kill” Review

In the wake of Catherine’s departure, CSI did exactly what I hoped they would do…give more screen timeto characters who have been somewhat neglected this season. In this week’s episode, "Tressed to Kill," Sara got a chance to work alongside DB to help find a killer who quickly went from hacking off hair in public places to turning women into dead representations of a woman who resembled his mother.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the journey through the case, especially since Sara has been in the background all season, but I did find the motive for the murder a little shaky. The ending felt rushed, and we were left to draw conclusions as a couple of plot threads were left dangling. Much time was spent on the set-up and the red herring, but not enough time was left for the reveal.

For example, why did the killer pick brunettes? His mother was blonde in the photograph, and so was the cancer patient who resembled her…yet he targeted brunettes and had to dye their hair. Was his mothera bottle blonde? I’m going to assume so, although I’m pretty sure that was never established. Read More...



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