To those of you who have taken the time to watch our bloody movie, we thank you. Most recently, the movie TEETH has similar properties and the CW has chosen to rip off some words from previous blog entries regarding the one true BLAIR BITCH PROJECT... which is of course, Lezpyres.

But we can't blame those who ever rip into our minds. We should be grateful. Once a thought has reached collective unconsciousness, it is out there. At least somebody is smart enough to use it, although we often cannot help but yearn for the credit.

I hope my dear director is working diligently on his make the movie documentary. There's nothing better than watching a group of highly trained and untrained professionals try and make a movie in three days. Lezpyres did not make it's three day mark. But it made a picture in our memory books and I hope it makes a picture in yours.

Cheers, and enjoy the movie.

Shanona Ryder



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