'The Walking Dead': 5 candidates for the Governor


"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday after a winter hiatus and we pretty much know where the season will begin: outside the barn where Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) just shot zombie Sofia. Instead of speculating on the rest of Season 2, though, we want to weigh in on a Season 3 debate that has been raging online for the past week: Who should play the Governor?For anyone who hasn't read the Robert Kirkman comic books, the Governor is a total psychopath who has fashioned himself as the head of a colony of survivors and gets his kicks by making people fight in a sort of gladiator's ring surrounded by zombies. As we reported, John Hawkes' name has been bandied about as a possible Governor, along with special effects makeup artist Tom Savini. A rep for Hawkes, though, denies that the actor is joining the show even though it is universally agreed that he...



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