'American Idol': Amy Brumfield brings the plague to Group Day


It's Group Day on "American Idol," but before we get to all the screaming and tears, we check in with Symone Black from last night. That was straight-up scary when she fell off the stage - it kinda looked like she had a stroke or a seizure or something. And we love how the judges just kind of sat and stared at her. Don't all rush to help at once, guys.Jennifer decides she can compliment her back to life - "I was just gonna say, that was one of the prettiest sounds I've heard all day." What does that even mean? Like, you can't say it anymore? She's not dead. And Randy offers some medical advice about it probably being low blood sugar. And Steven just stays at the table, presiding over the incident like Death himself.Sorry. This is a very serious situation and the judges probably don't know what to do, but it's still...



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