Up All Night Review: Everybody Hates Flan

After witnessing a fight between Ava and Kevin in their own living room, Reagan and Chris spent the "Day After Valentine's Day" trying to prove to each other that they hadn't lost that loving feeling. 

While I thanked the heavens for Up All Night not being on cable so we were spared a full frontal shot of Chris's junk, I thought the bedroom scene with him and Reagan was done to perfection.  From Reagan asking if she could keep her shirt on while they had sex, to she and Chris returning to the exact same positions they were in before the "magic" happened was just brilliant. While it delivered many a laugh the scene and their subsequent discussions about the status of their marriage served as a wake up call to viewers about the perils of falling out of love and into a routine. To remind us we were still watching a sitcom though and not a Lifetime movie Reagan later recounted to Ava how Chris twice thumbed down on Pandora when a Dylan song came on, genius. Read More...



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