The Secret Circle 1.14 Review: Will You Be My Valentine?

For being a show about a group of sexy witches, The Secret Circle sure is deathly serious. They may let Faye out of her cage once and a while to bring a little snark to the proceedings, but other than that, The Secret Circle has turned its nose up at levity and light. It may help the horror movie-ish scenes retain a little oomph, but in turn, it can often make an episode feel a little lifeless and stuffy. In "Valentine", though, there was a little weight lifted off of the show and it responded very well, as this was the first time (maybe ever) that The Secret Circle was allowed to breathe.

The show got in a double-whammy, in that the humor came from a girl's night slumber party that allowed Faye, Diana, and Melissa to bounce off one another. It was nice to not only be reminded of why these people became friends in the first place, but separate the group into its two most agreeable chunks. Without Jake, Adam, and Cassie, the complicated threesome got into a little bit of trouble, with Melissa's new Devil's Spirit habit popping up again, only this time bringing Diana into the fold. Usually, a show resorting to so-and-so-under-the-influence humor falls flat with me, but I was so glad to be able to laugh and enjoy myself during an episode of The Secret Circle that it didn't bother me in the least. (Diana, especially, benefited from finally letting go and not worry about Adam for once.) The magical equivalent of cocaine was used almost like a "social lubricant", bringing out issues the three girls had amongst themselves in terms of territory and their past blow-ups, which gave it a purpose beyond "LOL THEY'RE HIGH". You got a little window into the circle before The Secret Circle, including the Diana-turning-her-back-on-Melissa drama from a few weeks ago, and another reminder that behind her perfect hair and withering putdowns, Faye loves/is protective of Melissa. Read More...


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