Archer 3.07 "Drift Problem" Review - My Mother, The Car

Archer drives along with its latest from season 3, or technically season 3.5 with "Drift Problem," as a spy car given as a gift for Archer's birthday winds up stolen, sending the ISIS agent on a rampage to see it returned.  More or less, we liked his last rampage better.

Given how much I unexpectedly liked last week’s "Skytanic" sequel of sorts, the madcap "The Limited," it wasn’t surprising that the next week might be something of a letdown.  I’m not usually a tremendous fan of Archer, but I like the way the series rewards long-time viewers with an endless barrage of joke callbacks, which "The Limited" did very well.  "Drift Problem" by no means attempted to piggyback on that success, but it wasn’t fresh or nostalgic enough to really win in either direction. Read More...


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