Up All Night “Day After Valentine’s Day” Review

In this week’s episode of Up All Night, "Day After Valentine’s Day," my fears about Ava becoming too domesticated were laid to rest after she and Kevin got into a massive fight that nearly ended their relationship. Meanwhile, Regan and Chris tried to put the spark back into their marriage, but realized that while they might have outgrown their youth, they haven’t outgrown each other.

Ava is a great character. She’s over the top and totally self-centered, yet somehow loveable. Any other person who would pick a fight with their boyfriend on the worst day of his life because he wasn’t enthusiastic enough about her semi-homemade chili isn’t usually someone I would get behind. But Maya Rudolph consistently gives such a fabulous performance, laced with tiny moments of true humanity, that the whole concept of Ava works. Read More...



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