I have been looking for the past 3+ hours for a any link to the episode.....


Where are all the links? And who keeps getting rid of the ones that were posted??

Stop! We all want to watch the show! Please, please, please someone find a good link!

p.s. I love how the preview for the last ep is up...but not the newest ep. AHH!!


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Aug 31, 2009 2:27AM EDT
I completely understandI have been looking since 10:30 and its now 1:26.UGH! Someone, please just post a good link so I can watch the episode and go to sleep.
Aug 31, 2009 2:32AM EDT
is anyone else feeling obsessed at this point???
Aug 31, 2009 2:33AM EDT
I am! I can't take this anymore!
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Aug 31, 2009 2:36AM EDT
I know I am.If I am still willing to strain my eyes after 4 hours of searching to continue, I am obsessed lol
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Aug 31, 2009 2:43AM EDT
oh hell ya... i killing time watching alexander skarsgard in the new lady gaga video...just so i can watch eric in something. lol
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Aug 31, 2009 2:57AM EDT
i'm in Aus and i've been waiting all day to get out of school and check it out coz it's mon atmbut nope, nothing i can find :( something weird is going on, there is NOTHING anywhere. what has happened all of a sudden, if HBO are worried about copy-write then just air it in all countries at 9 on sunday rather than just the US. GRRRRoh well, it will turn up soon i hope
Aug 31, 2009 2:58AM EDT
I'm slowly going crazy :Snone of the other sites T go to have it either :*( I NEED MY ERIC FIX!!!
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Aug 31, 2009 3:11AM EDT
ive been looking since 11 30 and it is now 3 15!!!!!!!!!!! WHOEVER LOCKED THIS PLEASE UNLOCK THIS IS EFFING ANNOYING!
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Aug 31, 2009 3:13AM EDT
does anyone else think that this is really really weird?
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Aug 31, 2009 3:22AM EDT
I was saying the same thing.Something is going on. This has never happened before.Every time I get on to watch the episodes, even if the episode just ended on regular tv, the links are already up.They have never taken this long to find. All I can say is wait til later today. Better yet, late tonight.Something is bound to turn up, either that or an explanation as to why they arn't.
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Aug 31, 2009 3:24AM EDT
I'm sad that I'm going to have to..but it's 3:30 here and I'm beat. I just hope something gets put up later today. Good luck to people still searching!
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