Jersey Shore Recap: Acne of the Nether Parts

Can I get meta with you guys for a second? I read a lot of recaps, and it's funny how you can tell the difference between a recapper who would consider a show appointment television, regardless, and ones who perceptibly resent the show for existing. I think we can all agree that people with the luxury to be watching television for money should be grateful instead of being perceptibly put-upon whenever a show isn't hitting those Breaking Bad, drunken-text-to-a-friend-about-how–"This is what TV is supposed to be like!" notes.

I think, however, that we can all agree that I'm the exception here, because I really have it the worst. I mean, come on. Sure, it's infuriating to watch Coolio cook. But, penis acne? I wouldn't wish recapping penis acne on that migrant mother from that Depression photo. Yes, it would help feed your Okie children. But at what cost? Read More...


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