The Vampire Diaries “Dangerous Liaisons” Review

In ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ the Mikaelson family host a ball. There Elena learns that Esther has a plan that will kill all of her children, Klaus hits on Caroline, events are set in motion that lead to Damon and Rebecca gettin’ it on, and Stefan broods.

Which is the whole episode in a nutshell. I suppose more detail could be added by saying that Esther is working in cahoots with one of her sons, or that she needed a drop of Elena’s blood, or that Elena feels guilty for not telling Elijah about the plan. Even Esther feels guilty about linking Elijah in with the rest of her kids, since he’s the good one and she really doesn’t want him dead.

For my part, Elijah and Klaus are the only ones I want to live. Esther is dull to watch, the other kids can’t act, and I’m not overly fond of Rebecca. Elijah is a nice guy and Klaus, well, I want to give him a hug and tell Caroline to take a chance on him. She hit it right on the head this week when she told Klaus that he compels people because he doesn’t know how to treat them, that he assumes everyone will dislike him. He agreed with her too. Could this be the start of Klaus trying to be more human? I hope so. Read More... 


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