The Secret Circle “Valentine” Review

The Secret Circle: same crap, different day. In this week’s episode, ‘Valentine’, more bad guys come after Cassie, she makes more crappy decisions, Jake and Adam run around after her some more, she learns another new skill at random (witchy super strength, apparently), and Faye has a new magic toy.Quelle surprise, right?

I don’t know what I hated more about this episode. It seemed like it might be fairly decent episode (this is ignoring the Jake/Faye hookup because really, I just don’t care) up until Diana randomly veered out-of-character and took drugs. Then it went rapidly downhill. Even if I wanted to ignore the drugs and appreciate three pretty girls having a fun-filled slumber party, I couldn’t — because Cassie had to turn up all ‘my dad, my dad, ghosts!’

In fact, Cassie has become a one note character. It went from dark magic to her father and back again, and even in what was supposed to be a really sweet scene between her and Adam at the end, she had to go talking about her dad again, even though she did nothing but state the same shit she’s been saying for weeks. I was glad when they kissed because it finally shut her up.

I shouldn’t blame her for all the awfulness of this episode, though. There was Melissa ODing on devil’s spirit and apparently being fine after puking (kids: if this happens to your friend, call 911). And Adam’s possession was hilariously bad. Apparently being possessed by half a dozen tortured witchy souls looks like Gollum having a particularly bad hangover. I wanted to give him some paracetamol and a heat pack for that severely cricked neck, which I’m fairly sure wasn’t the intended audience reaction. Read More... 


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