30 Rock “Hey, Baby What’s Wrong” Review

It’s League of Women Voters Day Valentine’s Day on 30 Rock! Criss has returned and he comes bearing the gift of song. I don’t know what I love more, the fact that Liz woke up with her hand stuck in a Pringles can or the fact that she tried to dump crumbs out of the can once she dislodged her hand.

Pete – I think your wife may be cheating on you. Just saying.

Jack has much better chemistry with Avery’s mother. Just saying.

As I mentioned last week, 30 Rock has the uncanny ability to trigger my habit of going on tangents. Jack asked a question that really bares repeating – why would someone want to catch a fly? I’ve used the expression countless times but really, why one earth would someone want to catch a fly? Okay – back to the episode. Read More...



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