Grimm “Tarantella” Review

In the eleventh episode of Grimm, Amy Acker of Angel fame guest stars! That’s about the best thing that I can come up with about this episode. I’m always pleased to see any Whedon alum in anything, but evenAmy Acker couldn’t make the monster of the week on Grimm enjoyable.

The same as every episode before it, "Tarantella" tries to mix in fairy tale lore and cop show; and like every episode before it, Grimm falls flat. In what I imagine was supposed to be their Valentine’s Day episode, "Tarantella" has Nick and Hank attempting to find the culprit behind the murders of several men.

Given the title of this episode, I’ll spare you the "deadly web of lies" pun and just say that Amy Ackermakes one ugly spider woman.

Nick continues to deal with his new found Grimm powers, as well as his new notoriety in the monstercommunity. He’s now beginning to realize that this lifestyle may not be the safest for Juliet (which is something I could’ve told him from the start), and has some soul searching to do about his next move with her. Read More... 


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