Pixar Tradition

Truthfully, I may be somewhat biased since this is the studio that brought us movies with great plot, amazing animation, and quirky characters, who will without a doubt, become classic. And of course, the collaboration between Disney and Pixar has beget another great movie.

The beginning was a little slow and sometimes the voices were hard to make out but luckily there wasn't much verbal dialogue between the robots, instead the directors and animators did a great job providing the dialogue through the eyes and actions of the robots. And I must admit how I just relished how adorable the acting by the robots were made.

I enjoyed the plot and loved the motif of Wall-e holding hands with everyone he meets and hence humanizing those he comes into contact with. While watchign the movie I cannot remember when I had to stop myself from enjoying the movie to point out how "this couldn't have happened" or how "that didn't make any sense at all;" the story had a clear, fluid transition and everything connected.

Although, I must say some taking kids should be careful since the story involves subtle key points that little ones probably wouldn't understand and you don't want to have to be explaining every action. But, for kids with maturity and a great deal of understanding of today's current events they should easily mesh well with the story. Luckily, Pixar/Disney knew just how much of what to add to the story, so the social commentary whether intentional or not, does not completely take over the movie.


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Jul 15, 2008 12:24PM EDT

Well written review. Thanks.

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