The Simpsons “The Daughter Also Rises” Review

The Mythbusters opening segment on this week’s episode of The Simpsons was pretty funny – unless you are the owners of the home on the receiving end of a misfired canon ball last December. Equally funny was Bart poking fun at Marge for not realizing the numerous platforms on which television can now be watched. Well it was funny and a bit sobering as I can count at least 4 different viewing platforms in my own home. That can’t be healthy. Speaking of unhealthy things, nothing good can come of Bart and Milhouse playing "mythbusters" at school. I LOVED the kids playing "Eleanor Mackey" in the bathroom and loved the reference to candy cigarettes. For the record, I never picked up a cigarette smoking habitfrom candy cigarettes but I do have a mean gum chewing habit that still haunts me as an adult. I even have a gumball machine in my office. Read More... 


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