American Dad “Wheels and The Legman and The Case of Grandpa’s Key” Review

"Wheels and The Legman" have been featured in quite a few episodes of American Dad, but as far as I can recall, "Wheels and The Legman and The Case of Grandpa’s Key" is the first time that Roger and Steve’s alternate detective hero personas have been the core of an entire episode.

To commemorate this occasion, I had hoped American Dad might replace their standard opening theme with an extended rendition of Steve and Roger’s hilariously vocalized "Wheels and The Legman" theme song, but unfortunately it was not in the episode at all.

Roger and Steve had a rather professional set up for Wheels and The Legman in the Smith’s garage. Having Roger’s teddy bear, Theodore Bonkers, as the receptionist reminded me of that Family Guyepisode, "Model Misbehavior," where Stewie had set up an office in his nursery and employed Brian and his teddy bear, Rupert, in a pyramid scheme. Roger and Stewie both talked to their teddy bears as if they were actually participating in the business and capable of carrying out physical tasks. I felt as though I had seen this bit done before (and voiced by the same person) so most of gags related to theteddy bear fell flat for me. Read More... 


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