'The Vampire Diaries' recap: In which Elena is starting to get on our nerves


Thursday's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" gave us some significant forward momentum in terms of the mission to kill Klaus, but also delivered a few blows when it came to various romantic entanglements.Previously: After the best dinner party ever (my invitation must have been lost in the mail) the Original witch, Esther, woke up... and forgave her son, Klaus, for literally ripping her heart out. Elijah was awesome throughout.8:00 - Elena and Matt do a little Stroll of Exposition to catch the audience up: Bonnie and Abby are fine after being witch-whammied in a cave. Caroline is coping with her dad being dead, and there are no suspects, except perhaps for the lurker watching them from the supply room where said dad died. Matt remains focused on what's important, here: He still has to wipe down grimy counters at The Grill tomorrow.Why are they getting into separate cars? Matt, bless his heart, obviously has learned...



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