Person of Interest 1.14 'Wolf and Cub' Review

"Only the paranoid survive."

That’s a line spoken by Harold Finch to John Reese at the start of the episode as the duo reconvene at their former HQ following last week’s vicious system infiltration from female hacker extraordinaire, Root. It would be easy to just write that off as one of many similar lines that Finch has spoken in the past except for the fact that by the end of this episode everything that we think we know about Harold Finch starts to crumble when Reese is exposed to some shocking truths about his past. Before we can get to all of that, the first order of business is this week’s POI case.

Sometimes the Machine can’t get Reese and Finch on a case in time to prevent one crime, but it certainly can put them in the right place to prevent more violent fallout. This week Reese found himself with a sidekick of sorts in fourteen year old Darren McGrady whose older brother Travis had been murdered by three neighborhood thugs. After Darren ‘hires’ Reese they move along the chain of command in order and stumble onto their boss, Andre, a local comic book shop owner. He’s running a local scam and part of that money is even being handed off to the chief of police in a nice little callback to the overall theme of corruption in the city’s police force that’s been prevalent all of season one. Read More...


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