Fringe Review: Is That You, Olivia?

"Welcome to Westfield" was one of those episodes where a whole lot of nothing happened, and yet your mind was reeling by the time it was over. Episodes that grab me, toss me around and fling me back to reality are some of my very favorites to ponder. If ever there was a time to speculate on the future of Fringe, that time is now. Let's play a guessing game.

Strange things were happening all over the town of Westfield, but they didn't start there. We learned more about Peter and Olivia's relationship through her incredibly sexy dream and Peter's description of their relationship to her than we ever did when they were together. Yes, Olivia is beginning to remember her life as Peter's Olivia. Last week I posited that the Observers confirmed we are in Peter's world. I'm even more sure of it now. Read More...


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