Supernatural Review: Clowns Kill

Season seven has had its ups and downs and for lack of a better word has been relatively average. Sure, it's had fantastic episodes like the premiere "Meet the Boss," Bobby's final hurrah in "Death's Door," and The Untouchables heavy referenced "Time After Time." Yet, for the most part, there's been a littering of episodes that haven't been bad, but haven't had the spark that makes them truly standout.

And on some level it's understandable, after seven years I imagine it becomes harder to find a way to keep a show fresh and at the same time still hold onto all the qualities that made it entertaining in the first place. Perhaps, the fact that the "big bad" hasn't been all that big or all that bad adds to the problem, especially when an enemy like that should drive the show forward with its intensity and fear inducing qualities. Read More...


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