Once Upon a Time Episode 13 Promo: Will David's Secrets Be Exposed?

This week's episode of Once Upon a Time focused on Rumplestiltskin in the fairytale world and Mr. Gold in Storybrooke.  Rumple offered to help protect a town from the Ogre wars if Belle agreed to come run his estate.  Despite being engaged to Gaston, she agreed to his terms, hoping to have control over her own fate and do something heroic.  After spending time together, Belle seemed to bring Rumple out of his evil shell.  On the way to town, she met up with the Evil Queen, who suggested that true love's kiss might break the spell that has taken hold of Rumple.  She returned and kissed him and it seemed to work, until Rumple realized the suggestion had come from the Queen and he was angry with Belle, thinking that she was working with the Queen to defeat him.  In the end, he frees her.

In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold enforced a debt against a man who couldn't pay and took his flower delivery trunk.  The man later turned around and robbed Mr. Gold.  Emma was worried that Gold would seek vigilante justice, which he did.  But it seems the two of them have more of a history than Emma had suspected.  The town was also celebrating Valentine's Day and Ashley reappeared and joined Ruby and Mary Margaret for a girls' night out.  Ashley's boyfriend, Sean, surprised the girls by popping in and proposing to her.  But Mary Margaret and David once again found themselves at an impasse. Read More...



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