'Downton Abbey': Fetch me the matches!


"Downton Abbey's" supersized episode tonight is actually a combination of the UK episodes seven and eight, so we shall be recapping each episode separately, since there is a lot going on. UpstairsThe big news upstairs is that Matthew can walk. Lavinia trips and he jumps from his chair to save her! Oh, the "unbridled joy," as Lady Violet says. We aren't sure how we feel about this development. It certainly isn't a medical impossibility, especially back then when they had no way to test exactly what is wrong. It also makes thinks much more interesting in the Matthew-Mary-Lavinia-Richard love quadrilateral. But on the other hand - it's a little convenient and soapy. It may have actually been more interesting to have Matthew go forward wheelchair-bound.But in other developments, the reunion of Matthew and Lavinia has Sybil thinking about not letting grass grow under her feet and she finally gives her heart to Branson! It's wonderful...



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