Downton Abbey Recap: Flu Season

Two weeks ago, when Downton bid goodbye to poor William, this recapper made the mistake of spending her one allowable Four Weddings and a Funeral reference per season on that deathbed marriage combo. How were we to know that four weddings--or at least three sets of wedding preparations and one actual ceremony--plus yet another funeral would present themselves on a silver platter in a single (two hour) episode? All season, we've been desperate for some sort of romantic development from really any of the couples on the show, and then boom, suddenly everyone is making out with everyone else and spreading the Spanish Flu like wildfire. Please don't misunderstand us--though we wish we'd saved the Hugh Grant jokes, this week's Love Jamboree is a welcome change. After last week's burn victim-amnesia fiasco, and after a season of whining and hand-wringing, Downton desperately needed to actually advance the story--any story. And it did. Everything happened this week--even Anna and Bates got some action (Yes, in all meanings of the word. We're sorry for reminding you. So not the sex scene we wanted.) Read More...


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