Californication Review: More Than Words

After Karen told Richard it was not okay to b4ing in the clowns Hank was summoned away to help write a "Love Song" with Kali. Kali tells him she wants the song to be "More Than Words." While she informs him of the story of how she left New York to come to Los Angeles, Hank flashed back to he and Karen's first days in L.A. when they were debating whether or not to move out West themselves.

The three-year gap between last season and the current one had me anxious for some flashbacks to what we missed during that span, but what we got this week was far better. I had always assumed that Hank was unfaithful to Karen throughout their relationship, but as we saw when he snubbed the advances of Allie Andrews, he was not always so willing to say "Let's Get It On." So what happened? Read More...


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