House of Lies Review: Me O'Clock

This week Marty tried to show us what a business consultant does with the little free time they are allowed, but what we soon learned as "Our Descent Into Los Angeles" progressed was that whether in the office or not, Marty is always on the clock. In the words of our compelling consultant, allow me to try and unpack it for you. 

Lets start with Jeannie. While we saw she sports a backside you can bounce a quarter off of, inside she's a conflicted mess and not nearly as emotionally hardened as she projects. These traits though are why she most resembles Marty for better or for worse. Her fiance was right to call her out for rushing to Marty's side instead of playing politics at work. If anyone is capable to run the team other than Marty, it's Jeannie as Greg pointed out in his praise for her actions in Utah the week before. Read More...


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