'The Walking Dead' Recap: Let Nebraska Disappear

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Let Nebraska Disappear 

The Plot

Aftermath. That is the plot of this episode. That is all you need to know.In Search of a QuestionThe weight of the mid-season finale's final moment pulled us back into the show the moment we left it, with Rick's smoking gun and the still corpse of Sophia. With Sophia's death, the great question of the season had been resolved. (Maybe it was just my imagination, but did it seem to anyone else that the arrangement of the mowed-down corpses were in the shape of a Z?) The question that guided the show through the first half of the season (Where is Sophia?) is resolved. Sophia had provided the momentum of the plot itself. Her death stopped the show in its tracks. They are left with a need to find a new question. 

Their last question had just been answered with a bullet. Read More...



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