Luck “Episode Three” Review

All right, this week was the week. I got all of my normal Sunday chores out of the way early so I could settle in and focus on the third episode of Luck. After two weeks of struggle, I was determined to successfully nail all most of the plot nuances in Luck. I am ready for you, Luck. I can’t wait to find out what exactly is happening.

Here’s the thing about this week’s episode: Not much really happened. It seemed like a lot of our main characters spun their wheels for the better part of the episode and returned us right to where we were before. It’s interesting (or unfortunate depending on how you see it) that a show with only a nine episode season could have an episode where nothing of any significance really happens.

Despite the lack of forward motion in the story, this week’s episode was certainly not without its charms. Dennis Farina continues to interject humor to the proceedings while playing Ace’s sidekick. When asked by Nathan (Hello, Patrick J. Adams) if he can use the bathroom, Gus looks at him and simply replies "America, kid." The companionship and help he provides to Ace is instrumental to the show. For his part, it seems like Nathan is going to prove worthwhile in Ace’s preparation for his showdown with the ever-mysterious Mike. Adams played this character confidently and ably. Whatever Ace seems to have planned, it’s clear that he (and obviously David Milch) are playing the long game on this one. We may not know much about this situation for a few weeks. That being said, I am going to start conducting job interviews like Ace Bernstein. Read More... 


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