House of Lies “Our Descent into Los Angeles” Review

Without a doubt, this week’s episode of House of Lies "Our Descent into Los Angeles" was by far the most fascinating episode of the briefly-lived series. We finally dived into how Marty Kaan spends his weekends. Well, how Marty Kaan spends his weekends when his son gets expelled from school for kissing another boy at his school. Though the circumstances were weird, we finally learned a lot about how Marty Kaan handles his personal business. Watching Marty Kaan work his usual boardroom magicin school rooms and his own office was far more interesting to me then watching come up with a presentation for his latest client.

This week’s "client" was his son Roscoe. While trying to find a way to extricate Roscoe from the kissing mess, Marty employed his usual brand of fire-breathing in an attempt to keep his son in New Pacific school. It quickly becomes clear that Marty is able to alienate people involved in his personal life in the same way he alienates his clients before dazzling them with his latest idea. His confrontation with Principal Gita led his mom’s suicide once again being brought to the fore. His mom’s suicide seems to be his kryptonite. He became paralyzed by it and had to be rescued by his son and his accuser’s admission that he was the one who initiated the kiss. We know that his mom’s suicide had a profound effect on him, but it remains difficult to understand exactly why Marty struggles so much with his own humanity. I have to imagine at some point we will get some more insight into this situation, but for now, the mother’s suicide will remain the monster elephant in the room. Read More... 


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