Being Human (UK) “Being Human 1955? Review

It’s been known for a while that Being Human‘s fourth series would reform the basic ghost/vampire/werewolf sharing a house hook, and ‘Being Human 1955? was the episode that did it. By the end of the hour we had our new household: Annie, Tom and Hal. Let us not forget Eve, the apparently human baby who Hal believes (and Annie wants to believe) really is the mythical war child.

The episode started with the ailing Leo hearing a message on the radio from an ‘angel’ (actually the young woman who had herself killed in 2037) telling him that Eve would save him. Leo convinced Hal and Pearl to join him on his quest to find the baby, and they travelled from Southend to Barry.

Annie invited them into Honolulu Heights and did her best to put on a show for the visitors in the hopes that Eve really was going to cure Leo. She didn’t, but Annie’s ‘ceremony’ was priceless — ‘carpe diem, veni vidi vici, et tu, Brute, Dolce et Gabbana est’ indeed. Leo resigned himself to dying and declared his love to Pearl, who did the same in return. Finally at peace, they both died and crossed over, leaving a distraught Hal. Read More... 


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Feb 26, 2012 11:43AM EST

OK where oh where is this season going ghost lady is future eve of course so if she kills past eve she will be dead too. Hal is one of the old ones that has been turned just like Mitchell, tom is too much of a hot head and Annie just wants to god only knows what she wants.

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