Smash “The Callback” Review

On this week’s episode of Smash, casting for "Marilyn: The Musical" continued while Tom and Julie worked on putting musical numbers into a structured format. "The Callback" put the raw talent of the inexperienced Karen up against the equally talented and accomplished Ivy Lynn for a side by sidecomparison. The writers and directors see Karen’s star potential, but they don’t have the time or resources to help Karen realize her potential when they’ve got a sure deal in Ivy Lynn.

Seeing the two women perform side by side, I have to say it would have been difficult for me to believe the story if Karen had been picked for the role of Marilyn. It’s kind of a miracle that Karen got as far as she did and that they were willing to invest so much time into her. Before I’d believe that any producer would bank their investment on some no-name kid from the Midwest who would probably buckle under the real pressures of a Broadway production, Karen would need to build up the same kind of relationships and experience that Ivy Lynn had. Read More... 


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