Pan Am Recap: The Twilight Zone

Boy, oh boy. I don’t even know where to start with this one. I thought about just writing "WHAT?" in very large letters and having that be the entire recap, but this train wreck — nay, plane wreck — deserves to have each and every misstep spelled out in detail, so that nobody can ever claim that Pan Am didn’t set out to deliberately destroy us all.

The word is that this episode was originally slated to air in week seven of the show, which explains pretty much everything. I guess it’s okay if we never know why they made that swap, but it would have been a nice gesture to throw up a "two months earlier" banner at the open, just to pretend like anyone cares if we know what’s going on. As is, one might assume that we’re meant to view this episode through the hazy lens of someone who has just smashed her face into a glass window. Ginny does that in this episode, by the way. What a hoot, that one! Read More...


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