Superb Quality Show Getting better & better with each episode !

Season One was unique & brillant but Season Two has excelled in everyway, the characters have more depth and therein become more real & believable as a little bit of us women in each one, in situations good & bad we can all connect with in some way , because it is everyday life where ever based, whatever the job/career or ambitions the storylines are well thought out, written & acted. FROM US TO UK this show is quality . 10 out of 10.

Friends meets Desperate Housewives (S01) meets ordinary People globally.


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Dec 21, 2008 5:36AM EST

Did you watch Sex and the City? Cause this show is supposedly by the same writers. Anyways, I find it much better than Sex and the City, in Lipstick Jungle they are far less concerned with guys and boys, and boy drama, and lovers. And the way they look at life and relationships is more realistic, and less childish, they are grown up, and they know what they have to do and they do it (in good and bad situations). I also really like that they are way more career driven, and that being successful is of utmost importance to them. As well as friendship and family, but they also support each other through their careers, and are always trying to help each other get ahead.
I don't know I just love this show, to me its the grown up version of sex and the city. They are much stronger, and have a greater sense of self, its just a great show to watch, and be inspired by.

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