Gossip Girl Promo & Photos: Will Dan and Chuck Fight for Blair's Affections in Episode 5.16?

Love was in the air on this week's episode of Gossip Girl.  Blair returned to New York in time for Valentine's Day.  While Louis has returned to Monaco, Blair came home, with a royal minder in tow.  But with Valentine's Day approaching, Blair decided to play matchmaker for Dan and Serena.  She set up a little lunch date for them, but it's clear that Dan's heart wasn't in it and Serena definitely noticed.

Nate threw a party just so he could have an excuse to see Lola again and Charlie returned to New York, hoping to apologize to Lily for leaving so abruptly.  She saw Rufus, who made no mention of the confession she made after Blair's accident.  Charlie dropped by the party and, in a horrible twist of fate, met the real Charlotte Rhodes (a.k.a. Lola).  Thanks to Nate's explanation of Charlie's "backstory", Lola is now aware that Charlie has been impersonating her.  Also, Dan kissed Blair at Nate's party, but Blair told him they couldn't be together because she didn't want to hurt Serena.  Meanwhile, Chuck finally decided to sleep with another woman and Dan learned that Georgina is now acting as Gossip Girl. Read More...



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