'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 6 Rosewood Mysteries Uncovered in 'CTRL:A'


Pretty Little Liars answered some questions raised in last week's episode, but in true form, had viewers scratching their heads.

Holden's secret life was uncovered, Spencer discovered more and more about her father's past dealings with the DiLaurentis family and the girls came thisclose to finding out the identity of "A."

Here are the biggest mysteries from the episode, "CTRL:A," and where they stand at the moment:

[Warning: If you haven't watched Monday's episode, do not read further. Spoilers ahead.]

Spencer & Jason: After last week's reveal that Spencer and Jason have the same father, more secrets are unraveled, one of which is a box that Alison had that contained letters from Jason's mom and Spencer's dad -- with envelopes of $5,000 each. It's not Spencer's father who was blackmailed, it's discovered during the episode, so who was it? Mystery still unsolved. Read More...



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