Pretty Little Liars Review: Select All?

So, "CTRL:A" has a double meaning, but only one really applies to what happened this week.

Although the whole Vivian Darkbloom angle was mostly resolved, we only got a teeny, tiny bit closer to finding out who A is. Instead, we were treated to another semi-Hanna-centric episode, and I'm getting a little bored with Caleb drama. The constant delays and stalls that keep Caleb from just finishing with those files is just annoying.

Apparently A was not successful in wiping the videos from Caleb's laptop because Caleb is actually smart enough to hide important information in multiple locations.  So, A decides to punish Caleb and Hanna is freaking out (again!).The little plot is clever enough, but it doesn't really give Garrett the opportunity he needs to access Caleb's laptop, especially with Detective Wilden around. He seemed really frustrated, which was great to watch. Read More...


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