'How I Met Your Mother': Becki Newton was great, but let's talk about Robin and [spoiler!]


Well, originally we thought we'd use this space to talk about how much we loved Becki Newton in her "How I Met Your Mother" debut. So, fine, let's do that: She's hilarious, gorgeous and we totally believe that she can keep Barney on his toes. Plus, the fact that she's a smart stripper is kind of perfect for Barney, right?But we're sure she'll be great next week too. Instead, what we really want to talk about is that ending. TED?! REALLY?!Let's back up a second.Inexplicably, Kal Penn's therapist character and Robin were still together. But despite the fact that we never really bought them being all that attracted to one another (c'mon, we like them both separately as actors, but the characters never made sense together), Kevin asked Robin to marry him. Uhhhh, where did that come from?Kevin was actually quite sweet when Robin told him that she couldn't have kids, but we were...



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