Hawaii Five-0 “I Helu Pu” Review

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 was called "I Helu Pu" (which is Hawaiian for "The Reckoning") and that’spretty much what this was. The Five-0 takes steps that go above and beyond that ever-elusive "line" and someone has to pay up when it’s all over.

This episode was intense from beginning to end. First we start out in the somewhat "present" and see facts that don’t make sense – Weston with blood on her hands and a frantic medical staff working on a man we’re led to believe is Steve (though I didn’t). After that we jump back 18 hours and see what events brought us there.

As the episode progresses, we see that the team apparently can’t even have a nice evening out, as the bodies will still (quite literally) drop in on them. When their investigation brings them to a man hiding out in the safety of the Russian consulate, they have no choice but to go over that invisible line and do whatever it takes to catch a murderer and rapist. Actually, they pretty much drove a truck over the line…or a van loaded with barrels of fake explosives.

Jumping back and forth between the past and the current, things were still a little confusing but in the end it all comes together and the Five-0 catches their man. But as the title suggested, someone is held accountable for everything, and that someone is Weston. Read More...


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