The River “Los Ciegos” Review

ABC’s The River continued tonight with "Los Ciegos" (in English – "The Blind"), and while it wasn’t as scary as the premiere last week, it was still pretty suspenseful and had some tense moments.

Continuing where last week left off, Lincoln and the rest of the crew are still searching for his missingfather. Personally, if I were Tess and basically got spit out of a grave by some unknown water demon, I would’ve high tailed it back to civilization, missing husband or no missing husband. I probably would have just yelled my apologies into the jungle hoping that he’d hear them and know that I did in fact love him, but climbing out of a grave that wasn’t mine after being almost drowned approximately 300 feet away from the grave site was a bit too much for me.

However, Tess is a made of stronger stock than I and continues on the hunt for Emmet. While in the jungle, the crew runs into a cave that they believe Emmet may be hiding in. While AJ will not step foot inside (he was part of a mining accident and has a huge fear of caves), the rest of the group heads in, despite warnings from Jahel that the Morcego tribe is after them, venture inside. Read More... 


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