House Review: Have a Little Faith in Me

Start counting down.  "Chase" marks one of the last ten or so episodes of House ever!  I didn't love tonight's episode, but having Jesse Spencer in the driver's seat did make for a nice change of pace.  Chase has always been one of my favorite characters and I think that's partly because of his religious background and his willingness to stand up to House in such a direct way. 

In season six, we were given episodes from Cuddy's and Wilson's respective perspectives.  Tonight, it's Chase's turn and we open with a nearly naked Chase!  Way to score some shameless points, House execs! 

I know this episode, at least in the beginning, was designed to make us compare House and Chase.  Look, they both have limps!  Look, Chase is sleeping with some random woman with no real attachment!  And finally, wow!  Chase gets inappropriately attached to a patient!  Well, House has never slept with a patient (to my recollection), but he has done some truly reprehensible things for those people under his care. But in the end, we all know that these two aren't alike.  As damaged as Chase would like to think he is, there's no way he comes close to House's level. Read More...


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