Castle: 4.15 "Pandora" Review

I admit I started watching this episode with my foot out the door. Although the promos and sneak peeks had made it all seem so very exciting, I was still burned from last season’s two-parter, in which half of the fandom felt completely cheated by the Josh fiasco, myself included. So I tried to approach this episode with the same mentality as I did last week with "The Blue Butterfly" and tried as hard as I could to keep my expectations to a minimum. After all, I think we have all learned the hard way that it is better to pleasantly surprised than sorely disappointed, especially when it comes to Castle, right?

Well, I was worried for nothing. Maybe it was the fact that I went in with no expectations at all, but "Pandora" was good, guys. It was really, really good. I will even dare to say that my favorite show – the Castle I fell in love with all the way back in season 1 – is finally back and on the right track. Last night’s episode had everything I love about it: character development (Kate Beckett talking about her feelings to Castle, guys. Brace yourselves for the apocalypse!), suspense, action and humor. Read More...


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