How I Met Your Mother Recap: Knockin’ Robin

Last night’s episode was somewhat deceptive. On the surface, it looked like a return to form. Quippy dialogue? Check. An amusing Barney scheme? Check. A teary finale complete with indie accompaniment? Check. We want to give it the thumbs-up, especially after two duds in a row, but on closer inspection, there were definite problems. Maybe by the end of this recap we’ll have reached a verdict.

First off and most important, what’s going on with Robin? That she chose Kevin’s stability and adoration over Barney’s "We’re both so screwed up, we’re perfect for each other" logic made sense, even if Kal Penn’s stint on this season has been brutal and their romance bland. But never did Robin appear to be anywhere close to considering marriage. His proposal seemed like it would lead her to a similar end as her "No, no, no, no, no" to Ted’s proposal back in season two, which wasn’t a proposal at all, but just a case of the wrong Champagne glass. The plot should have stuck to revisiting Robin’s fear of commitment, however stale that might have been. Read More...


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