I believe the children are our future

I loved the way they introduced Jessie's character and how they developed the entire episode. Of course they having the kid on their side could have been really cool... but way too easy, so having the boy leave for now was the way to go. I also loved the twist on what the Antichrist really is, not only original but very cohesive with the plot.

In the other hand I can't stop wondering, has Sam lost all of his power? I mean, he had psychic "abilities" before all of the demon blood stuff.

Also, I think Castiel's character is becoming more human with time. He now knows when to lie and how to speak to other humans so his cover isn't blown (I'm not sure it's intentional though.) I still remember him acting all uptight and awkward around others.

Thinking far into the future and considering both Jessie being good and bad, I'm not sure which I prefer. Sure I'd like him to be all-good but having him as an enemy would translate into a much greater challenge for the Winchester boys (right?) and that could be pretty interesting.

I guess we'll have to wait and see!



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Oct 16, 2009 12:17PM EDT

I agree with the whole introduction thing, I thought it worked really weel but I can't help wondering if they introduced him and he'll become evil in order to bring on a bigger enemy and thus drag it out to a sixth season. I hope to god Kripke sees sense and lets it end on a bang. But I did like Jessie and the whole twist of the antichrist.Yeah I think Cas is getting more human but that all started when he started getting closer to Dean last season didn't it? and then the angels punsihed him and he was all like "I serve God not you!" to Dean. Now he's turned his back on heaven (well the archangels because, although he doesn't know it, he's blatently working for God) and so he's becoming more human again. Hense his expression when he tried to kill Jessie.Sam said to Ruby at the beginning of season 3 that his visions etc. went when Yellow Eyes died. He only got his powers last season from drinking the blood.All in all though I thought it was a good episode am hoping Jessie joins team Winchester.

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Oct 16, 2009 3:37PM EDT

Sam was given Azazel's blood as a baby in an attempt for Azazel to ba able to keep track of him as one of many (tons of baby's born on a specific time of month) in order to find Lucifer's vessel. Sam ended up being this vessel, so the demons groomed him to join their side. Had all gone to plan, Sam would have freed Lucifer and then, at Ruby's request, allowed himself to be taken over by Lucifer before ever discovering what was really going on. As part of the grooming, Sam was given Demon blood as it would help him fight minor demons, thus forcing him to trust Ruby (a key factor in the ultimate plan). Now that he is off the blood, he is powerless.

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Oct 17, 2009 10:23PM EDT

I didn't remember that conversation between Sam and Ruby!! ;) thanks guys!!

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Oct 18, 2009 7:04PM EDT

No problem dude.

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