New Girl Review: One Night Stands

Happy Valentine’s Day Newbies! We’ve been waiting a long time for New Girl to do V-Day, especially since the news broke that Ryan Kwanten of True Blood fame would be guest starring. But, surprise! He wasn’t even the focal point of the episode.

What or who was the focus of this week’s New Girl adventures? That’s a good question. New Girl started out as a Zooey Deschanel vehicle with the dudes as a sort of Greek Chorus to her adorkable Antigone (omg, I can’t believe I just typed that. It’s either the best or the worst phrase ever created in the English language). But as the show continued, and the guys came into their own as characters, New Girl morphed into an ensemble show that juggles multiple storylines each week, often giving equal attention to each character. Screen time in "Valentine's Day" felt the most evenly shared to date, but with so many storylines to cover in thirty minutes, things were a little chaotic this week.  Read More...


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