Survivor: One World “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules” Review

Survivor is back, baby! There are few things in this world that get me as jazzed up as that tribal roar and those conga drums, man. What a beautiful opening, and a great explanation from Jeff "Best Reality Show Host in the World" Probst on our new rules for the season. It’s boys vs. girls, immunity idols are already in play, and Redemption Island is gone. Let’s have a brief moment of silence for Redemption Island, as it seems to be taking a leave of absence for a little while.

"Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules" felt a lot like a completely different show in a lot of ways. Seeing the tribes arrive at their beach, and quickly discover how vastly the dynamics of the game has changed, was an exciting moment as a Survivor fan. I thought that the survival was going to be completely one-sided in the guys favor, but then Chelsea quickly caught two wild chickens! That was pretty dang impressive! Read More... 


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