Revenge “Chaos” Review

This episode of Revenge is an weird one. It’s certainly a turning point in the show’s development. From episode one I believed that Daniel was destined to die. Nothing about the show changed my opinion, not even the opening scene of tonight’s episode where we saw Daniel, face down in the sand, and cut to a gun popping off two bullets, presumably into him. From the get go this is a show which has subverted expectations, went left when you thought it was going right, took drastic, crazy u-turns at the most unexpected moments, all the while keeping on that facade of cheesy schlock which makes it so delectable.

As the show progressed and built Daniel into a character I actually liked, my admiration for the show deepened. Never did I expect them to back off of killing Daniel. I know that it’s silly and gullible of me to expect something so risky as, say, Game of Thrones, but expect that I did. Read More... 


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