Royal Pains “Hank And The Deep Blue Sea” Review

This episode of Royal Pains, called "Hank And The Deep Blue Sea," ended in a way I never saw coming, at least not like that. I gotta give the writers props because while I had a terrible, awful feeling that we were going to lose Jack, they completely lulled me into a false sense of security and I sure as heck did not expect us to lose him in the last 30 seconds of the episode. Though I am sort of happy that we didn’t see it happen on screen. If that had happened, we would have seen Hank being a doctor, but this way we see his reaction as a friend. And all of those nice little friendship moments they gave us right before the end, the bromance stuff I love so much, all of it just made my heart hurt more when Jack was gone. Poor, poor Hank. I’m sure he’s going to have a hard time getting over this one.

In addition to the tragedy, we got another surprise in this episode. We’ve been waiting all "summer" for it and now Boris is back, with all of the intrigue that he usually brings with him. This time it’s not so much about the mutation that may or may not someday kill him, or the fact that his entire family had been poisoned for centuries, it’s all about a family member coming back into his life. A cousin whose idea of making peace is to have Dieter arrested, which actually works for a guy like Boris. So now I wonder if this means that other family members are going to start coming out of the woodwork, too. Read More... 


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