Private Practice “You Break My Heart” Review

In the case of the heart patient Dr. Reily did IVS for, I’m on the side of Sam, I really, really think that before get a patient pregnant you should probably listen to her heart, do a full work-up, something that would reveal to you the giant scar down her chest. And while I get that this woman really, really wanted a baby, what did she think was going to happen when she stopped taking her anti-rejection drugs? That’s medication with a very specific, obvious purpose.

I did not expect Violet’s boy toy to agree to continuing the casual relationship after he’d asked for something more, and now he just seems less respectable as a character. Once you put it out there that you need more in your relationship you’ve put out a sort of ultimatum and by compromising his needs he’s compromising him self. It looks like "You Break My Heart" might be setting Violet and Pete up for a make-up since this was the first episode in a while that Pete was completely civil to her, plus there seemed to be some non-anger related tension when they crossed paths by the refrigerator. Read More... 


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