I Just Want My Pants Back “Pecker Necklace” Review

Illustrating Jason’s new-found poverty by opening with him counting out nickels to buy a back of gum (and not even a normal square back, the puny little bundle of sticks) was great, but having the cashier be concerned over his possible eating disorder made it even better. Giving him the bagel on the housewas sweet and helpful; maybe if Jason can convince other shop owners he’s starving himself on purpose rather than out of necessity he can get enough free food to tide him over from his joblessness (since you unfairly have to be fired or layed off to collect unemployment).

His plan to use the last of his money to have a fun night out with Tina seems doomed from the start; when you’re that destitute having a last financial harrah is too risky, the universe will conspire against you so that you waste your money rather than enjoy it. Read More...



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