The Secret Circle “Return” Review

Well, look at that, guys – a decent episode of The Secret Circle. In ‘Return’, John Blackwell came back to Chance Harbor to see Cassie and warn her that until she gives him the medallion, people will be after her. Sure enough, the witch hunters were back to kidnap Cassie. But once Jake told them John was in town, a new deal with struck between all parties: John could trade Jack for Cassie. Of course, the witch hunters had spelled Cassie and she then tried to kill John before the overwhelming force of the circle working together stopped her. One question remains though: who’s the witch working with the witch hunters — if it is a witch at all?

Meanwhile, Melissa headed off to a party thrown by Callum, leading Diana and Faye (and voodoo!dude Lee) to go and find her. They do, but not before Callum plays totems with Melissa (not a euphemism) and discovers that she is a witch. Melissa bluffs her way out of his attempts to accost her in a locked room and meets up with Faye — who she tells about the totems. Lee swears that his totems don’t serve the same purpose, and he later breaks the one he gave to Faye to prove it. He really does seem to care about her and they kiss. Read More.... 


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